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Friday, July 18, 2014

Last Week in Saint-Brieuc

We've nearly finished our last week in Saint-Brieuc.  The students will spend the weekend saying their goodbyes to their host families and then Monday we take the bus to Paris!

This week was a short one since Monday was July 14, the French National holiday.  We didn't have class this day so students spent the day with their families. Many spent the weekend traveling (camping for example) or taking in the festivities for the national celebration. For example, in Saint-Brieuc on Monday night there was a cinema themed fireworks show.

Tuesday and Wednesday were our last days of classes and we spent the afternoon after classes preparing for our Farewell Show, the Fête des Familles.  All of the students worked really hard to prepare two plays, several songs and various individual performances.  We had our Fête tonight, which was a smashing success, enjoyed by all the students and the host families alike.

We concluded the night with a dance party after the Farewell Show. Students, Host Families, Teachers and other guessed danced the night away to modern and classic French pop and dance music. Everyone also stuffed themselves full of mini desserts.

And thus our stage is rapidly coming to an end. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will spend in Paris and then Thursday its back on the plane to rejoin our American families in Chicago.  What a way to end an amazing summer!

Here are a few pictures from the Fête des Familles. More can be found at the link below.

Fête des Familles Dance Party

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