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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week 5 - Winding Down

This week was our second to last week in the city of Saint Brieuc. We opened the week with the final installment of the Dessert Exposition. This time it was the Rouge group that presented us with their tasty treats. After three weeks of desserts made by the stagiaires, and all the desserts we've eaten with the families or in town, no one can say that they haven't tried every last sweet treat that France has to offer.

Wednesday we had our last excursion.  The first stop was the city of Dinan.  The bus dropped us off at the port and we hiked up the steep hill through the historic part of the city to take in the sight of the traditional buildings that have been maintained over the last few centuries.  We then stopped in the Basilica of Saint Sauveur where the heart of Bertrand du Guesclin, a knight who defended the city of Dinan from the English, is interred.

After leaving the Basilica, we walked along the ramparts to the Château de Dinan, also known as the Château of the Duchess Anne.

For lunch we stopped in the city of Dinard and ate on the beach. Dinard's local claim to fame is that it was a favorite vacation spot of Alfred Hitchcock. And it is said that he found his inspiration for the film Psycho, based on a house overlooking the beach, and possibly The Birds as well due to the large population of seagulls that will snatch away a sandwich right out of your hand when you're not looking.  At Dinard we also celebrated Aron's, Elle's and Victoria's birthdays.  Pictures from the lunch can be found at the link below.

Our last stop of the day for this excursion was the coastal fortified city of Saint-Malo.  Although the city was completely destroyed during the Second World War, enough photos of the city existed to completely reconstruct it as it was originally designed.  At Saint-Malo we walked along the ramparts of the city and took in the sight of the ocean.  We passed by the statue of Jacques Cartier who's claim to fame is that he was the first French explorer to set foot in Canada.

We spent the rest of the afternoon shopping, and sampling probably some of the best ice cream anyone has ever tasted at Sanchez.

Next week we'll be wrapping up classes and preparing for the Farewell Show. Monday is France's National Holiday and the stagiaires will be experiencing this holiday and the long weekend with their host families.  Photos from the Dessert Exposition and the last Excursion can be found at the links below.

Le Concours de Desserts - Rouges

Dinan-Dinard-Saint Malo

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